Agoritsa Polyzou

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 305-348-1550
Categories: AI Applications
Location: Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences

Dr. Agoritsa Polyzou is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences at Florida International University (FIU). Before joining FIU, she was a postdoctoral Fritz family fellow in the Massive Data Institute (MDI) of McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2020, and her Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Patras, Greece. She is engaging in projects at the intersection of big data, machine learning, ethics, and fairness. Her research interests include data mining, recommender systems, the application of machine learning techniques within educational contexts, and the fairness concerns that arise from their use. Her goal is to help students succeed using data and machine learning models. At the same time, she is interested in ensuring that such models will be fair and responsible.