Nagarajan Prabakar

Position: Associate Professor
Categories: AI Users
Location: Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences

Distributed Sensor Networks, Grid Computing, Computer Networks, Image Processing for Spatial Data, Multimedia Databases

Dr. Prabakar developed a scheme to access vast amount of spatial data from a semantic database and flyover the data in real-time – this emerged as TerraFly software from High Performance Database Research Center, FIU. He has also designed dynamic mosaicking algorithms for spatial images and integrated vector GIS data with spatial data sets. Towards external funding, eight grant proposals were funded for a total amount of $13.7M with Dr. Prabakar’s role in these proposals as Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, or Senior Investigator. Currently, Dr. Prabakar is working with a team of his colleagues on a fault-tolerant distributed computing grid with large number of sensors.

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